Certified Senior Human Resources Manager Located in Portland Oregon.

I’m an ADHD’er with a love of input and accumulate information, ideas, data, publications, and seek out information to help others in the workplace. I’m an avid reader of books and blogs but struggle with intellectual digital clutter and need to learn to develop better systems for my research. I’m an activator with a tendency to try many new systems and apps without a solid plan to evaluate how I will use things.

I’m fascinated by ideas, individual perspectives, and I’m always searching for ways to make work easier for people’s individual preferences in the workplace.

I’m strategic in my thinking by creating alternative paths to proceed but this strength could use stronger analytical skills and deliberative thought. I love this community because it allows me to learn from others!

My tech skills are more of a beginner but I’m taking many online learning classes. I’m a little bit of a productivity mess with all my interests and goals and I look for communities to help me improve!