You Don't Need Work/Life Balance

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Everyone’s heard of work/life balance. But as a remote worker, is that really the best approach? The answer is: no. There’s no such thing as work/life balance. Instead, focus on integrating your life and work. You can only focus on one area of life at a time, so trying to balance it all will only…

Hi Justin,

Agree, work ist a big chunk of my life, and I do like my work on the whole. I would even go as far as saying this doesn’t only apply to remote workers.

From a more meta/philosophical point of view, what is the definition of work? Being “in the office”? Thinking about work? Self-improvement hat will also benefit your work? All blends in to one. Impossible to disentangle IMHO.

I fully agree – remote work tends to offer the best opportunity to integrate but it applies to all.


Hit the nail on the head there!!!

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This sort of assumes work=bad, life=good which for many is not the case. Indeed work can be a salvation and saviour when “life” kicks you in the teeth.

Society still judges (particularly men) by what they have “achieved” in the work place, and what they “have”. This leads to the skewed view that we should work to enhance our other more important life, which I do not subscribe to. I opted out of mainstream workplace many years ago, working solo from home for over 20 years.

I built on that a few years ago by moving abroad (my clients are still in the UK) for a life opposite the beach in the sun and pretty laid back. I work most of the time, why, because I enjoy it. My partner works with me so our life is our work!

I am not one who enjoys social things much, so what other people call “life” for me is most definitely not. One persons heaven is another persons hell.


I think this is exactly the point I’m trying to make – you can construct your life however you want! Work can be as much or as little of a part of it as it needs to be.

Seems like you’ve found a balance that’s worked for you and your partner, and that’s awesome.

I’ve been finding this true in this season – sometimes having work to do can be a welcome reprieve from what’s going on in the world and life around you.

Very true – I very much try to stand opposed to the “achievement” mindset because it only nets me stress and anxiety about what I don’t have. Also why I try to pursue building healthy relationships as a primary goal in everything I do. Without those I’d be in a bad spot…

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