WWDC '19 - Reactions

Alright, the WWDC '19 keynote is over and we have a lot going on. I’m not going to do a writeup or anything like that, but wanted to get your reactions as to your favorite things you’re looking forward to!

Here are mine:

  1. Updated Reminders app – this looks like Reminders just got good. I’ve been using Reminders for quick oneoff tasks I need a notification for, so I’m excited to see what they’ve done with it.
  2. Dark Mode – while I don’t use it everywhere now, dark mode is especially helpful when my eyes are tired.
  3. Siri Neural TTL – This one amazed me that they’re able to fully generate a synthetic voice that sounds real.

My least favorite moment: Tim Cook praising their company for valuing work over family.


I missed that statement.

My favorites:

  • Changes to / introduction of iPadOS.
    • Columns in Files
    • Apps in more than one space
  • iOS Dark mode
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Ah yes this was very exciting! I haven’t really adopted iPad into my workflow very well, so it went lower on my list, but needless to say I’m glad they’re giving the iPad proper treatment!

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I’m happy to see my iPad finally get major OS improvements. I have an MBP 13" but my iPad’s battery levels will outlast the MBP for most of the work I do. Having multiple windows, multiple instances of an app, and better access to USB external storage devices have been a godsend for me.

I’ve always worried about debris rendering my MBP keyboard inoperable. Using the iPad with a bluetooth keyboard has been a game changer for me. But I did pine for my MBP at times when I wanted to stay with my iPad for portability reasons.

I’ve waited decades for a new mobile solution. One decade ago, I did look longingly at some of my colleagues who carried those severely underpowered Intel Atom sub-notebooks. I remembered them as lightweight and truly portable. I realized that technology hasn’t quite caught up with reality but I’m glad to see iPadOS getting me so much closer to my dream of a mobile device that I can toss into my bag. I don’t worry about overheating notebooks in my travel bag anymore. The iPad does almost everything I need.


I’m already using iPAD as my main driver using a bluetooth keyboard from few months now. I’ve had to bite my tongue with file sharing but combination of Google Drive & Resilio Sync has helped with file transfers need if any.

A Mouse will really help to connect it to an external monitor and click away when needed at times to do word / excel editing (which is a real pain).

PS : I use This stand which puts the iPad at my eye level to avoid neck pains


Agreed, so much of productivity talk is about doing better work in less time. And in the management world the ‘flexible work schedule’ , ‘work/life balance’ , and ‘stress management’ seem counter to Tim. Also, must say there patting themselves on the back got to be a bit much. Humility seemed to be lacking, let the products and services speak for themselves.

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I mean I totally understand when you’re in release mode with a deadline, stuff has to get done. Sometimes you make sacrifices during that time period, but not for a sustained time. In retrospective, I don’t know if Tim was talking about the month prior to WWDC, or the last year in entirety. If the former, I think some of the criticism may be unwarranted, but definitely valid if the latter.

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