Would you want a chatroom?

An idea I’ve tossed around for a while is having some kind of chat integrated with our community, and since we’re focusing on remote workers, one of the things remote workers can deal with is disconnection or a sense of isolation.

I’d love to try to fight that by opening up a chatroom that’s designed as a water-cooler style chat for remote workers.

The whole idea is to create a place where people can be real, connect with other remote workers in real-time, and get help.

If we launch something of this sort, I fully intend it to be part of a paid tier of the community, likely for podcast supporters.

So, that being said, what do you think? Vote in the poll below, and reply with any further thoughts you have!

  • Yes - I’d love that!
  • No - Please don’t!
  • I’m not sure.

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Would this be a private Slack channel or a Discord?

edit: just read the transcript from this week’s Process podcast. It’s possibly a Discord.

Sounds cool. It’s something for the random conversations that don’t necessarily need a full blown Discourse post! Almost like a private Twitter?

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Good idea!

BTW, why was the monthly Pro plan canceled? I’d like to support your work, but 77$ at once is just too much, it’d strain my budget too much.

I’ll try to be devil’s advocate and try to see it from a different perspective. The monthly membership was $10/month. If you do the annual membership, it’ll be an average of $6.42/month.

If you can find $6.42 worth of value in the Pro membership, it would be a steal. Yes, I also gulp when I renew my subscription for 1Password. Day One, and Ulysses. But I get a heck of a lot of value from those 3 apps. Paying for 1Password for my peace of mind is worth it. I make enough money from writing to cover my Ulysses subscription. The Day One subscription complements as an accountability partner. I can review my Day One journal to look for patterns in my daily/weekly life as well as mine ideas for future projects. Day One has become a tool I use with the therapist when I need to go over the previous month’s journey.

ERW has been my go-to place to test out different ideas and experiments that I have going on (usually one experiment at a time) as well as to look for something different than the usual productivity blogs I hit upon every week.

I just have to squeeze in the $77 annual membership once a year. It’s a one year commitment to see if I can enhance my life with the community involvement here.

You can always send a DM to Justin to see if he’ll think about it. I’m sure he’s been wrestling with that issue for a while and came upon the $77 membership as a compromise.


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Hey, yea, I do pay a few yearly subscriptions, also, I know they’re more sustainable (I run a membership site myself). I just can’t shell out 77$ at once right now. I’d have to really cut costs in different areas of my life. I’ve invested more than 2000$ in the past two months in a productivity community, while being a high school student. Because of the place I live in, 77$ is one and a half weeks worth of really good quality food for an individual. This community is truly great, and I’d like to support it in some way (even a one-time donation, without the Pro benefits).

ahh… thanks for the insight. There will always be good content on the non-pro side and the podcast. We all contribute when we can!

Thanks for understanding, any plans for a one-time donation possibility?

Send a direct message to @justindirose. He would have an answer.

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Yes, I’d add it as a Discord chat. That platform would give lots of opportunities for other things to happen, too.

Honestly it was an experiment :smiley:


From experience chatrooms take away from the forums as the people with the time sit in the chatroom constantly and casual/irregular visitors can just not keep up and filter our the noise.

This happened in the Statamic CMS support system which they moved largely to Slack (hey it’s trendy) it was a disaster for the forums, as the hip crowd (who could probably answer the tech stuff) just sat in Slack. Result, a vastly reduced support experience which actually drove me away from the CMS.

I detest chatroom/slack type setups, they quickly become incestuous and sometimes bitchy as well as being full of nothing more than noise a lot of the time.

That’s a 100% fair point, and the concern duly noted. The way I’d see it is I’d encourage any longer conversations in chat to be created in the community. Chat is ephemeral, but topics here are not. And the vision for chat would be more throwaway conversation for remote workers to connect than long-term reference materials. Maybe there’s a better solution, too.

I’d try doing this with Twist, it’s a nice blend between Slack & Discourse, might be just what;s needed - available all the time, but easy to catch up on

The challenge with Twist is I think it’s too close to Discourse for our purposes. It might get confusing as to what goes where for new people.

The problem with chat is that sometimes a throw away comment can be valuable, and it just gets lost. I think if you are going down the chat path a weekly summary (of useful snippets) here might be good, and also perhaps show people some of the added value of a paid sub.

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I think this is a fantastic idea.

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Well, her’s an alternative to supporting ERW that was just announced on the podcast! The Patreon link is here:

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