Would you go for the 2018 iPad 9.7" or the 10.5" iPad Pro

I don’t do any video or photo editing for the shop so the screen isn’t that big a factor for me. I’m just curious about the screen size.

Does the 0.8" size difference bring any significant changes for you? I guess this question is targeted at users who have used both the 9.7" form factor and the 10.5" form factor.

Sure, I’d love the iPad Pro but I can’t quite justify the price difference if I’m not doing video or photo editing. I’m definitely not going the 12.9" size. I’d like to keep the smaller form factor because it’s easier to carry on. I already have the 13" MacBook Pro if I needed a larger form factor.

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I have the 2018 iPad. I’ll be honest I wish I had the bigger screen. The 2018 iPad is heavy in comparison, and doesn’t have the awesome ProMotion display. Also you lose out on the Smart Connector for a keyboard, which makes it a little bit more inconvenient.

However, I don’t think the 2018 iPad is a bad investment. It’s cheap. You can do a ton on it. Apple Pencil support is amazing. And it’s fast.

You’ll probably want to wait to make a decision until after September, though. There are rumors of better iPads Pro coming.

Bigger? Like 10.5" bigger or 12.9" bigger?

I like the Smart Connector but I don’t know of any third party keyboard cases that uses the Smart Connector.

My old boss from my University days says he’s gone through four Apple Smart Keyboard cases because he just keeps wearing it out. He says that he heard from other podcasts that many of the bloggers just use their Bluetooth keyboard because they got tired of the lack of durability for the Apple Smart Keyboard case.

I’ll have to revisit ProMotion… sigh.

oh wait… Third party Smart Keyboard cases reviews here…

Either one to be honest.

I’ve heard this too; I’ve also heard people who have great luck with them.

I’ve used several iPads, all of them were mini or regular size (9.7"), currently iPad Air 2, so, grain of salt, etc. I regularly take shots at trying to use it as somewhat primary digital device, but in the end always wish for bigger screen. I’ve been thinking about buying 10.5" probably for more than a year already, if I had disposable cash I’d buy it instantly. Gotta hold out for september though.

The answer depends mostly on what are you planning to do with it. If you plan to use multitasking (two apps side by side) I suggest going for 10.5". 9.7" iPad is cramped in multitask mode, think having two iPhone apps running side by side (though slightly bigger, but just a bit), not two full big apps.

After the years I’ve come to think of 9.7" is somewhat weird size for iPad actually. Mini is better for casual use (reading, social networks), it’s just lighter in the hand, allows for thumb typing, fits into more pockets. Serious tasks just ask for bigger screen.

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I’m OK with the split screen on the 9.7". I was just wondering if that small 0.8" upgrade to the 10.5" really made a difference for multi-tasking. I don’t know if I want to lug around the 12.9" when I already have my 13" MacBook Pro.

I guess I’ll have to make trip and visit an Apple Store and see for myself.

Argh… Not making this any easier.

Here’s a Business Insider article arguing about going for the 2018 iPad over the iPad Pro.

@wilsonng you said you do a lot of work on the iPad right now, right? If you plan to continue that and can afford the 10.5” upgrade, why not? It’s a more powerful, lighter, and ultimately more flexible device. If you’re going to seriously use it, why not invest in it?

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I would definitely agree with this. For me the massive advantage of the 10.5" iPad Pro over the 2018 iPad is the smart connector for the Smart Keyboard. I use my keyboard a lot and am much more productive when I have one, and the built in stand makes it easy for me to use. The refurbished iPads are always a good deal in my experience too, making them more affordable.

Yes, you’re both right. I guess I’m so used to the 9.7" size and never tried the 10.5" That small size increment does sound intriguing.

I can wait for September when we see the new toys. Don’t know if it’ll be just a speed bump but we’ll see. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I have the 12.9 and love it. Great for work loyalist of work) or just watching a 4k movie. But the keyboards…Argh. Three Apple smart keyboards and I’m still not pleased with it. Its light, but the edges on two of them curl up so typing on it is annoying. Not a real fan of the fabric keys either. But the alternatives are not great. The Slim Combo is way too heavy and just carrying it wrong causes the music to play (bad placement of function keys). The backlit keys keep me coming back-to it after throwing it aside multiple times. The Microsoft BT foldable keyboard is light but in just not crazy about it.

The 10.5 is one of my two favorite apple computers of all time (I’m a little unsure about the iPad vs the LCII that got me into Macs, both have a strong feeling of “I can do things differently and better” and “this is the future”. I had a lot of the other iPad models on the way, including the mini - I do think the extra size is better. However, I would agree that the most recent 9.7 closed the gap a lot by adding pencil support, so if you can wait and see what drops, it would make sense. Generally, when most people ask me what to buy I say the 2018 9.7 - given that you’re much more of a pro user, I do like the 10” and would recommend it in general.

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I have never regretted getting the 12.9” iPad Pro. I think one thought to keep in mind is not “what am I doing today,” but “what would I like to do tomorrow?”You’re not working with video and photographs today, but I think we’re all one event away from it: a joyous birth, amazing anniversary with the one you love, a new (two legged or four-legged) member in the family, or documenting the day everything changed after the aliens came!

But excluding all that (except :alien:), if you’re looking to be more efficient at work, the 12.9 in landscape is like having two 9.7s in portrait. A spreadsheet on one side and a report on the other; Safari on one side and Scrivener or Ulysses on the other while writing up your research, or swap Safari with Book or Kindle—all while floating a third app on the side—that’s pretty sweet!

Oh, and I don’t own a TV now. I stream all my cable from the DVR, and of course Netflix and Prime. A 12.9 held is as big as a 60” screen on the wall…bigger!