"Working with omnifocus" course

Hi !
i signed up to the “Working with omnifocus” course in 2018 but i can’t find it anymore. I’d like to look at it again. Thanks for the help !

hmmmm… I’m not sure either.

You can see some other workflows from @timstringer’s OmniFocus Workflow Guests at

Joe Buhlig’s 2015 workflow is here:

@joebuhlig does have a Learn OmniFocus workflow presentation scheduled for November 20, 2019. We’ll see how he has changed his workflow since 2015.

Sign up as a Learn OmniFocus member to see the presentation live!


Buenos días, perdón por hablar en Español.

Aquí os comparto para el que le interese, píldoras con omnifocus, en vídeo y en español. Nivel iniciación.


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Thank you ! I know and appreciate Learn Omnifocus (which I had subscribed for a while), but I wanted to talk about Joe Buhlig’s course, which was very interesting and would have liked to see again. It is surprising that such a deep resource has disappeared, isn’t it ?

Yes, I’m not sure where it is anymore either. But if there is something that you wanted to ask or explore, feel free to ask questions. There are other topics that are not OmniFocus-centric that may be helpful. Sometimes it’s more of a workflow or mindset question rather than an OmniFocus question.

Posting a question in the Ask For Help category is a good way to start!

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Thank you wilsonng ! I’ve read a lot of threads actually, including yours ;).
I was tempted by Things for a few days, because it looks shiny and especially (I think)… empty! :slight_smile:
But after a few tries with it, I realized again the beauty of Omnifocus too.
There is a large amount of incredibly well-designed details, in addition to great power and flexibility. It is a real pleasure to use, especially on macOS. (not yet tried the web version yet.)
So I did a lot of cleaning / upgrading my system since a few days.
But then I have a general question: I never really understood, what do users do, what do all of you do, with completed tasks, especially with recurring (routine for example) tasks? Thanks for your advice !

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Working with OmniFocus was taken down by Joe a while back. So sorry for the inconvenience!

I sent this off to another topic in Tools & Workflows here: