Why Remote Work Won't Last Post-Coronavirus

Let me start off by saying I’m a major advocate for remote work. I’ve been a remote worker for the last decade and it’s absolutely changed my life.

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I can see how hard it is hard to instill culture into an existing organization.

Ultimately, the leadership can trust their workers enough without turning the environment into a surveillance society. We hear stories of employees needing to install software that tells the employer where they are at all times and that sounds pretty scary to me.

Everything starts at the top. If leadership can’t trust anyone, who can they trust? Hopefully, the organization is able to hire capable workers that they trust to get the work done. Unfortunately, medium to large corporations are like freight trains. It takes time to slow down the behemoth and change directions. They don’t necessarily change on a dime. Despite all the preaching about staying agile and capable of quickly responding to market conditions, remote work is one area that is slowly gaining momentum.

I’m looking forward to a time when more corporations will already have a plan in place for situations which can halt things worldwide. For the moment, we’re responding in the best way we can. But hopefully more organizations will be putting more thought into an action plan for future events.

Thanks for an insightful look into remote work and the current worldwide situation we’re faced with.

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