Whew.... Another year starts off quickly

Can you believe that it’s already February now? I don’t even know how time went by so fast!

I’ve had a busy Holiday Shopping season that extended all the way to the end of January. I’m always grateful to stay busy. But that meant a lot of my personal projects had to be paused while I took care of Life.

I had the sense of dread and overwhelm when I felt I had too many things going on and not enough hands to handle everything.

I think this is a year where I don’t worry about all the projects I have in my OmniFocus database. I just choose a select few Big Rocks and work on those as best as I can. Hopefully I’ll make major strides and complete a few of them. I’m not worried anymore about the number of projects I’m working. I’m concerned about getting the right projects done.

My latest musings had me concerned about project overwhelm. I looked for ideas of what to do. I’m sure I read about these tips before somewhere. But it’s nice to be able to pull different threads and create my own tapestry.

Our systems are like tapestry. We weave to the best of our abilities. We make one tapestry and then another. Each example is unique in its own way as we experiment with different threads and colors.

I found writing the post very therapeutic. It took an entire month for it to crystallize. I’m glad to get a clearer picture of what I want to do with project overwhelm.

Hope you enjoy…

- Wilson
-Space Cadet