Where to sign in to Working With OmniFocus

i subscribed to “working with omnifocus” but i can’t log in this site:
i’ve been driven here on “productivityguild” (where the login works, btw), i don’t know why.
i don’t understand !
thanks for the help.

That’s probably my fault. I haven’t clearly laid out the process for this as I would have liked.

WWO has moved to the Guild. So once you purchase the course (or become a Pro Guild member) you get access to the discussion topics here on the Productivity Guild. You can find those here.

thank you for your answer. Yes, i watch them from there.
I was just asking because i thought i could watch the videos in like “autoplay” mode on WWO site.
But that’s not a problem.
Really great OmniFocus training, glad to subscribed it. That’s the opportunity to say it…!