Where do you go for productivity help?

As part of a re-evaluation of The Guild, I discovered what may be a loophole in the productivity space. There doesn’t seem to be a solid place for people to go when they need to ask a question about their personal systems.

I could be wrong and I honestly hope I am. So if you have a place you go for help, do share. :wink:

Some folks go to the app of their choice and ask on their forums. Some seem to go to Reddit, but the crowd there doesn’t feel very welcoming and can be intimidating. But other than that, I wasn’t able to locate a good place for it.

So regardless of whether or not I’m missing something, it seems that we could use an open and honest place to ask for help with our personal systems. And thanks to a couple friends on The Guild, I’ve set it up such that the primary focus of The Guild is just that: a place to ask for help.

The easiest way to do so is to click here. That link will open a new window for you to ask your question.

My hope is that The Guild can become a place to get genuine, real-world answers to your problems in personal effectiveness.

What I’m reading

How to Get Unstuck by Matt Perman
This is an advance reader copy. The book officially releases on May 1. I managed to be a part of Matt’s launch team for the book and just started diving deep into it. So far it’s been an interesting read about hitting barriers in life and learning how to get past them. Whether it’s a life choice or a personal effectiveness block doesn’t matter.


BW - 45: What’s Best Next by Matt Perman
What does the Bible say about productivity? And how does this book compare to other productivity books?

WTW - 22: A Very Web Developer Solution
Drew has some chair problems. Standing desks are discussed, which (of course) leads to a conversation about the future of iPads. Then, Joe discusses his new notes app solution.

WTW - 23: A Thing Against Printers
A tech glitch Drew experiences leads to a wide-ranging discussion about tech support, automated cars, and the pros and cons of being an early adopter. Joe is not as convinced about living on the cutting edge.

Books added to the list

Distracted by Maggie Jackson
I have an on-going theory that our little pocket screens may be one of the root causes of the seemingly growing number of ADHD children. This book was mentioned in Busy with some notes about it possibly explaining this link.

The Opposite of Spoiled by Ron Lieber
I wish I could recall where this was recommended. I wrote it down and it looks really interesting but for the life of me, I can’t place where I saw the recommendation.

Interesting Productivity Guild topics
Rethinking the purpose of The Guild
If you’re an active member of The Guild, you will have noticed that Justin and Wilson have been pretty active lately. They’ve been helping me set the direction for the site in the future and this topic explains it all.

[Pro Members] Using Todoist - Methodologies and Mindsets
Justin is kicking off a series on Todoist for Pro members. There’s a lot of depth here and numerous little tips. Definitely, give this a look if you’re a Todoist user.

Justin’s Hybrid System for Information Management
At the same time, Justin has also developed a paper process to go along with his Todoist habit. So, of course, I really enjoyed this one as well.

[Pro Members] Agile Results - A Flexible Productivity System Layer
Who’s heard of Agile Results? I know it’s something I’ve been interested in for a long time but haven’t read the book to fully understand it. This is a glimpse into what it’s like to combine AR with GTD.

Words That Challenge
On Analog Social Media - Study Hacks - Cal Newport
This is a summary of Cal Newport’s Declutter Experiment. He asked folks to take the month of January to remove “optional technologies” from their lives. After 31 days, participants could then rebuild their digital lives with the knowledge they gained from the experiment. The results are really intriguing.

“Your price is WHAT?"
This is a newsletter from Paul Jarvis that was sent a couple weeks ago. I really resonated with the topic as I have a handful of clients every week that balk at my prices. My general sentiment is that this is what good custom web development costs. You’ll either spend this up-front or in the long-run. One has less heartache than the other.


Discourse as a notes app
I’ve continued building this out and have continued to enjoy the process. One thing that occurred to me last night was the existence of a rating plugin for Discourse. I collect databases of things like restaurants, wines, etc… in my personal Discourse. So I’m installing this plugin later today so I can rate these in a better way.

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Since Mark Forster’s retirement, he’s very active on his forum, answering questions… providing guidance. So that’s where I start.

However I have found the folks on this forum to be quite helpful for non-Forster related questions. Generally agnostic with respect to idea or tool, and smart people.


Prior to this guild, I would just do a google search or look at Stephan Covey’s book (philosophy of productivity). I am so glad this place is here