What's happened?

I visit here once a week (repeating task in Omnifocus) but nothing seems to be happening, is everything behind a paywall or is something more fundamental wrong?

Just wondered as I found a few articles here worth the read, unfortunately not enough for me anyway to consider a paid sub though.

No paywalls or anything going on here. The community slowed down a lot after the pandemic started and I unfortunately haven’t had much bandwidth to tend to it lately and get it going again. A big part of this is the success of our YouTube channel and continued focus on producing video and audio content.

We did open a Discord chat community that’s relatively small just to start the ball rolling again. My long-term aim is to hopefully channel momentum via YouTube, Discord, and other channels into building a thriving forum too.

Sorry, pandemic has gotten me tied up with even more work in my daily life. You’d think that people would want to work. But some workers have decided to take unemployment insurance. This has my wife and me a bit encumbered tackling additional responsibilities :sweat:

You can check the Effective Remote Work YouTube channel where there are weekly videos coming out.

I suspect that I’ll be overworked until after Christmas but I look forward to writing once again.

The Discord section is perfect for quick water cooler conversations while this Discourse is a good medium for communication that will stay alive on the internet for a longer time.

If you or anyone would like to chime in with an observation, feel free to post something!

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Just to update – I’m also looking at ways to revitalize the Discourse community. Your post got me thinking hard about it @TheOldDesigner :slight_smile:

I must say I’ve not been as active here as I would like. I would expect the pandemic to have driven people to be even more productive to be honest!

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