What’s working well for you?

Simple question this week:

What content we’ve produced has been the most helpful? Least helpful?


[Process] 67: Solving Productivity Problems with the Rule of Three - How do you notice and solve problems in your productivity system? This week, Justin shares about the Rule of Three and how it can help you focus on solving the right problems in your system.

[YouTube] Obsidian: Sync Your Vaults with Git/GitHub - If you’re building a long-term notes repository, you may want to consider syncing it with git. In this video, we discuss how to set up Obsidian to sync between your devices automatically using git and GitHub.


Justin’s Creators Campfire Appearance - This was a great conversation with Bhav of the Creators Campfire podcast about productivity and remote work in general.

The surprising traits of a good remote leader - Key Takeaway: It’s not always charisma that wins in remote work; sometimes being effective is the best way to build trust.

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