What reference management tool do you like?

What reference management tool do you like?

I’ve been using Paperpile for the last couple years, and I really like it for a number of reasons, but I also feel grumpy about Chrome’s privacy choices (Paperpile is Chrome-only), and so I’m considering a different tool.

For those of you that collect/reference citations, what tool do you like best?

I don’t really get into this much (yet). @htmljenn, you write books. Do you use anything like this?

I’m not familiar with book referencing software. My old boss at the University used Pro-Cite but I don’t know if they’re around anymore…

I’ve heard of some of my former bosses using EndNotes and Bookends. I’ll send an inquiry to them.

There is this chart I did see:

I use Zotero, their API is really handy and the app works well for me.


I use endnote because it seems to be the gold standard in academic institutions in the U.S. However, like @rosemary suggests Zotero is a wonderful alternative that is also used in academia.


I currently use Bookends, and it does what I want for the most part.
If starting right now, I’d probably give Zotero a good hard look.
I’m kind of committed at the moment, and don’t want to change horses in mid-stream, as I have a pretty good workflow going.


Curious @rosemary, do you do any syncing to iOS with Zotero? I’m interested in a solution where I can clip PDFs and annotate them on iOS.

I only use Zotero for references - I store the files themselves in DevonThink which is a document provider on iOS, so I can use any app I like to annotate files.

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