What if you could talk to the future

All I have this week is a question:

If you were to pass your notes or journals on to someone years from now, what would you want to share with them?

I’d love to hear what you have to say.


[Remotely Working] 14: Trust in Remote Work Culture with Leon van der Laan - This week we’re joined by Leon van der Laan, CEO and co-founder of Remode, a remote work consultancy focused on talent acquisition and culture. We have a great conversation about trust, leadership, and connecting with coworkers in a remote-first work culture. Leon brings great insights to the table with his 20+ year tenure in executive leadership at large corporations and management consulting.

[YouTube] Keep Notes for the Long-Term - What good are notes if you don’t have them for a long time? In this video, we discuss what data portability is, why it’s important, and how easy it is to use your Obsidian vault with other apps, like Foam for VS Code.


Here’s How Moving to Work Remotely Could Affect Your Taxes - Key Takeaway: If you’re moving because you work remotely and want to live somewhere else (even temporarily), talk to a tax professional.

Developing the Leader Within You - This was the first ever leadership book I read. It changed my life. If you’re new to leadership, John Maxwell is one of the best voices on the topic there is. Hot Tip: Pick this one up used as it appears the paperback price is sky high.

That’s all for this week!

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