What are your questions about focus?

This week we rounded out our deep dive on focus over on Remotely Working. At already 8 episodes in, we’ve covered a lot!

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Next week’s guest takes the podium to chat about analog productivity, working from home with kids, and more. Hang around to find out who!


[Remotely Working] 8: Focus Resources for Deeper Learning - We round out our deep dive on the topic of FOCUS with a number of resources you can learn more on the topic.

[YouTube] Obsidian: Basics of Taking Notes - Next-generation note taking tools like Obsidian offer vast flexibility in how you use and structure your data. But if you’re just getting going, where do you get started? In this video we discuss the basics of taking notes in Obsidian so you can get going on the right foot.


Seth Godin - Listening is Difficult - Key Takeaway: do the hard work of listening. It takes humility and a real desire to understand, but it’s a lifelong skill to develop.

Zettelkasten in 10 Minutes - A quick guide to the basic principles of building a Zettelkasten. It doesn’t have to be complicated, only your own.

CGP Grey - Spaceship You - Grey is one of my favorite content creators, and in this video he deftly explains how to build structure in your life if you don’t have any through the metaphor of a spaceship.

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Here’s a question:
How to separate communication from work in the digital space?

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Love it. Great question! I’ll be sure to add it to the list.