What apps do you use?

Hi Justin: I have a challenging question for myself that I need help from you?

  1. What apps, eg. Obsidian, DEVONthink, do you use & for what, please explain why/how you use the app???

I need to hear from experts like yourself, what apps & how you use them to be successful in business.

I greatly respect your thoughts & look forward to hearing from you.
Sincerely, Yaaqoub

Hey @Yaakov! I’ve moved this to a new topic so we can track the discussion on its own.

I’ll probably write something up in the new year more in depth, but to be honest, my app usage is very limited.

Here’s a shortlist:

  • Obsidian
  • Todoist
  • DEVONthink (just for paper filing)
  • Readwise

On a day to day basis, that’s really it.

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Thank you, Justin, this greatly helps. Hope you are having a successful week.

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I’d love to hear, @Yaakov – what are you using these days? And anyone else too!

Hi Justin: I am currently using:

  1. DEVONthink for storage - currently taking the David Sparks class on DEVONthink, to help me make greater use & understanding of DEVONthink
  2. OmniFocus - love this app (member of Tim Stringer, learnomnifocus.com
  3. Drafts - use it for a short note & ideas (considering removing this app, and replacing it with Obsidian)
  4. OmniOutliner - use it rarely
  5. Notability - use rarely, replaced with Drafts, now looking to replace both with Obsidian
  6. iThoughtsX - use it rarely
  7. Craft-free version, plan to delete it to use Obsidian
  8. Logseq - but have not invested any time in it. I hear people using it with Obsidian. But I need to learn & implement Obsidian.
  9. Protonmail - for ALL my mail & use their VPN & Calendar.
  10. Obsidian - WIP

Please share your thoughts? Thank you

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My goal is to get down to the 4 main apps you use. My thoughts are to eliminate OmniOutliner, Drafts, Notability, Craft, Logseq, and replace them with Obsidian.
Thoughts? & thank you

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  • Things 3 on my iPhone, iPad & MacBook. This is for my personal tasks and the whole GTD system
  • Obsidian for work tasks & work notes/knowledge base
  • Apple Notes for personal notes/knowledge base
  • Day One for journal, GTD reviews & other things I want to keep a log of

I read from a few people they are using Logseq for personal notes/knowledge base & Obsidian for work notes/knowledge base. Thoughts???

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Have you tried out Logseq? Thoughts? & how would you use it with Obsidian?

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I’ve used Logseq a bit, thought not much. It’s a great local outliner a la Roam Research/Dynalist. I personally like to keep everything together, so I don’t separate out my personal/work notes. However, it’s a decent application if you have a use for it!

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I agree with you on keeping everything together. eg. using Obsidian. Since Logseq is an outliner, I have OmniOutliner. Thank you for getting back to me & hope you have a successful week.

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I tried to keep everything together, both personal & work notes in Obsidian. Obsidian is really great for my work/dev requirements. I rely heavily on it. I especially like to have tasks + notes merged together for my dev work.

However Apple’s Notes app has really amazing integration if you are in the Apple ecosystem. So for personal notes it’s much better for me. Easier to take quick notes from everywhere. The mobile apps are much, much better than Obsidian. The Apple Pencil integration is amazing. Scanning documents is really useful for personal stuff as well. And all these features are only useful for my personal stuff. I don’t need Pencil support, scanning documents, good mobile support and quick notes for my Work stuff.
So I caved in and made the split. And it’s been great for me personally.


I’m in the camp of staying flexible and using the tools when the situation needs it. I do keep my apps to minimum but understand that I will adapt when needed.

Most of the time, I can work with Apple Pages and Apple Numbers. But there are times when I need to open Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel.

I can switch between Keyboard Maestro or Stream Deck when I want Keyboard Maestro palettes or the Stream Deck profiles for different workloads.

I’ve mostly stayed within the OmniFocus app for my projects and task management but I can imagine myself ramping down to Apple Reminders when/if I retire.

But I’ve also siloed different types of work into different apps. I use Agenda when I’m taking meeting notes. I use Day One for personal journaling. I love Ulysses for my writing projects for work and personal use. Then I use DEVONthink for storing archived PDFs and finished stories from Ulysses. Yes, I could probably use one text editor app like Bear or Ulysses to do my personal journaling, meeting notes, and writing projects. But I like each app’s UI to fit my different needs. Different apps for different reasons.

I wouldn’t worry about limiting myself to a small selection of apps. Sometimes I’ll buy an app and decide it’s not the right time for me. I might put it away and then bring it back when I finally find a use case for it.

Don’t worry. Everyone will have a different tool box to fit their needs. The tools will change with the situation. I do like to make sure I have a solid workflow for certain aspects.

I have a structured workflow for writing and can switch between Bear, Ulysses, or iA Writer if I wanted to. I also have a workflow structure for my project/task management. I can adapt to Things, Todoist, or OmniFocus if needed. There might be a few tweaks to the workflow based on the app but about 80% of the workflow will stay the same regardless of what task manager I’m using.

Thankfully there are trial demos for most of the apps to help evaluate my use case when needed.

And I am happy for tutorials from services such as Screencasts Online. The Sweet Setup, the Learn OmniFocus YouTube series, and the MaSparky Field Guides. These tutorials have been essential in me ramping up very quickly in any app I need to use.


I’m using a wide amount of apps but most are rather punctual here are the absolute main:

Asana - My to do list manager for both business & personal life with many hacks to have a GTD like system mainly for captures and next action
Evernote - I store everything in there - ideas, notes, quotes, book notes (@justingdirose I’ll check readwise as it sounds a time saver to export kindle notes), goals journal, websites, resources and so on.
Dropbox - For all files related things with the same main structure as Evernote
QuickDraft on Mac - to quickly open a note thing and paste / mark down things for current processing
Alfred - Oh boy this one is my preferred Mac OS app ever. I find it better than Keyboard Maestro as it is so much quicker. The time save with this one is infinite. Snippets / Quick Website Opening / Quick Search on Custom website and so much more is so great.


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Awesome promotion & thank you Justin for letting us know. I’m in! :wink:

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Late to the party,

  1. Omnifocus (despite trying every other task manager) as it’s is simply the best.
  2. DevonThink for document and long term note storage
  3. VSCode (again tried a lot of code editors, but this is hard to beat)
  4. Drafts App, it’s just where text starts, and where I run a lot of text automations from.
  5. Safari, it’s dev tools are getting more and more fully featured.
  6. Mailmate, it’s not pretty but boy is it powerful, and it allows Markdown composition.
  7. 1Password for well passwords.

A few others obviously, net newswire for RSS, Tweetbot for Twitter, Slack for some beta testing communities, iThoughts for the odd bit of mind mapping and of course Keyboard Maestro which saves me time and friction every day.

I have avoided any app that relies on cloud based storage to function, and to be honest not really bought into the whole wiki link knowledge based thing which I think for most people is more a fad than of any real long term use.


Never late to the party around here – conversations can continue at any time, even years later :smiley:

I could see this being true for some. It’s the latest fad productivity thing which seems to get people into it for a while, then wanes off. For me personally, it’s totally changed the way I take notes. Meaning, I actually take useful notes now where before I struggled with it.