We're making some changes

We have been running a giveaway (albeit, a poorly publicized one to my fault :flushed:) for a copy of The Sweet Setup’s Simple Habits course. The last day to join the mailing list was Monday, June 15th, so if you were in by then, you’re eligible to win.

The winner has been notified. Check your inboxes :star_struck:

In other news, we’re making a few changes to our content schedule around here.

  1. Remotely Working will now be published once every two weeks.
  2. On the weeks vacated by Remotely Working, Process will now be released biweekly on Mondays.
  3. YouTube videos will continue to come out weekly on Wednesdays.

The changes come because I’d love invest in all these channels because they’re important to me. That being said, hit reply and let me know if you’d like to see any particular episodes or videos come out soon!


[Remotely Working] Kids & Working From Home with Matt Ragland - This week, YouTuber Matt Ragland joins us to discuss analog productivity, working remotely as a parent, and journaling.

[YouTube] Obsidian: Work on Mobile with 1Writer - Obsidian does not yet have a mobile client, so what you should use in the meantime? For iPadOS and iOS, the answer is 1Writer.


Time to upgrade your monitor - Key Takeaway: If you’re using older monitors, get something at least 4K to save eye strain.

Zettelkasten Method: How to Take Smart Notes (A Beginner’s Guide) - This is the easiest to understand primer on Zettelkasten I’ve seen to date. If you’re interested in the method, read this first.

The Art of Being Alone - Key Takeaway: Loneliness has to do with your perceptions more than the people (or lack thereof) you’re around.

That’s all for this week!

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