We're back in business!

Well, we’re slowly coming out of hiatus after six months!

TL;DR – I’m really wanting to focus on helping remote workers since it’s an entirely different way of working from going to the office. I’m still learning even after 10 years of working from home!

That doesn’t mean we’re going to be giving up on productivity – it’s one major segment of what I want to cover. But that’s going to look different going forward. I honestly don’t want to get bogged down into the details of “How do you implement GTD in Omnifocus?”

Instead, I want to talk about broad strategies for personal organization, share what’s worked for me, and, as always, be as real as I can about the process. Additionally, I want to add more remote work-focused content, including talk about how to find healthy rhythms of work, incorporating hobbies into life, and more.

And since I’m recovering from a level of burnout, I’m trying to find a new rhythm of working. I’m aiming to spend 2-3 hours a week on ERW at most at this point (aside from jumping in and having conversations here). But that means I have to be judicious in the work I take on.

  • Process, unfortunately will probably stay inactive for now, as much as I love the podcast medium.
  • The Discord chat will be going away. It was a sort of experiment anyway, but I can’t sustain things that pull me into uncontrolled real-time responses right now.
  • YouTube will stick around, but be a bit different. I’ll do the occasional produced video, but I quite enjoy livestreaming, just chatting about topics and the like. I’d love to do a live Q&A show about remote work, productivity, and the like. As a result, I plan to do more in that space.
  • I’ve started the blog again, and have a lot of ideas on where to take this. This will be my primary effort going forward.
  • The community, as I mentioned, will be around. And I want to turn it into a real community, vs. just a random place to ask questions.

If you’re jiving with this, I’d love to have you stick around! Feel free to shoot me a PM, as I’d love to see how we can all work together to build something cool.


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