Weekly Review with Todoist

I’m a big fan of the weekly review. It’s the glue that keeps my system together. I have so many projects and tasks floating inside my task manager and I will most definitely forget the current status of any balls I have juggling in the air.

OmniFocus has been my task manager of choice mostly due to its unique review perspective.

I’ve always wondered how I would do the weekly review in Todoist. Thankfully, Carl Pullein has a wonderful 15 minute tutorial showing he does the weekly review.

The Weekly Review is a perfect time to sit down and actually see what’s going on. Have you been making progress towards a progress or goal? Do you have any project or goals that have deprecated? Is there anything you can delete to keep your system up-to-date?

Now, do you have a weekly review workflow for your task manager? Any Trello users, 2Do users, or other task manager users willing to show us what you do for your weekly review?

If you haven’t established a weekly review habit, perhaps it’s time to get this wonderful habit going?