Weekly Plan

Hi Joe,

Would you mind talking through how you use your weekly plan project?

Is it a morning tickler to schedule work on those goals for the day?

Do you flag them and check them off when completed?

Are they visible in your dashboard?


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Good questions. Here’s what I’ve got.

I have a project called Horizon 3 that houses my 12 Week Year goals. Each of those goals have sub-tasks that start with the week number in the task title. Ex: “18: Read The End of Absence by Michael Harris”

I also have a Perspective focused on that project and filtered with a search for the week number. That allows me to filter all my goals down to the ones for that given week.

I review that Perspective every morning and use that to guide my selection of tasks for the day. But to be completely transparent, I’ve not been selecting tasks for the day as much as I used to. I’m mostly working direct from my context lists throughout the day. I go over them in the morning but I’m trying to notice which contexts need my attention more than others.

That said, my beloved Dashboard is seeing less and less use these days.


Sorry, can you talk to the 12 Week Year goals? Not sure I understand what that is.

It’s from this:


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Here’s the bookworm podcast discussing the 12 week year:

The Asian Efficiency Productivity Show podcast also dedicated a podcast to the 12 week year as well.


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I’ve also started a whole podcast dedicated to the accountability piece of my 12 Week Year process. :wink: Though it’s often more about tangents than our goals. :astonished:


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Life’s what happens when you’re busy talking about other things on podcasts.

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