Weekly Guild Challenge: What's your favorite Atomic Habit?

It’s always a heartwarming feeling when I finally found a workflow that clicks for me. James Clear’s Atomic Habits talks about not making the goal your main focus. He points out that we should concentrate on building systems instead of focusing on goals.

What is one system that you successfully adopted that has brought you great benefit today?

In Q3 to Q4 2018, I was focused on sharpening up my daily review. My daily review was very scattershot and I would miss the various checklists that I needed to look up daily.

In the #deep-dives section (Pro), I drilled into a workflow where I used Keyboard Maestro to create a daily review workflow for myself. This is an extension of the idea of creating KM palettes that grouped a series of actions and perspectives to check.

I, like many others, dread the review process. Creating a system for my daily review has made the daily review effortless. It’s actually something I look forward to doing at the end of each day.

What is your Atomic Habit that you’ve built?


I love Atomic Habits. :grinning:

Right now, I’m working on being specific with each habit (where and when I will do it) and not missing twice in a row (which starts to form a new habit).

So much from that book was helpful. Like watching out for motion as a substitute for progress.


That’s awesome! I was using the Productive app for a long time but I’m trying my hand with the Streaks app.

I also believe that we should focus on a small group of habits. I filled up all twelve slots in the Streaks app but noticed that I am only working on four of the twelve habits I have in there. I’m realizing that I should focus on those small habits first until it becomes ingrained into my identity. Then I can move on to the next group of habits. Trying to adopt too many habits at one time will overload me. I have something called a Life and Interruptions which keeps disrupting me (pick up the kids, pay the bills, an unexpected emergency or disaster occurs today) that can easily fill up my day and I suddenly can’t get to my to-do list or habits. But I’m trying hard to keep my streaks alive.

Onward we march…


My atomic Habit for the last 8 weeks has been building a daily exercise habit. I’ve considered even doing 10 pushups meeting this habit. And you know what? I’ve done it every single day (except when I was sick for a few days).

Taking this approach made it a lot easier. My next goal is to go for a walk every day I work, that is, when the temperature gets above -10° F here :smiley: