Using Drafts to OF multiple tags

Using Drafts to OF multiple tags

I want to create task in drafts using omnifocus with multiple tags. I’ve checked available drafts action and only format is

File tax for client B @tags(work,Jim,Accounts)

I’d like to change to format below which is easier to use with text expansion

File taxes for client B #work #Jim #accounts
File taxes for client B @tags(work) @tags(Jim) @tags(Account)


You’d probably have to use some form of JavaScript to alter your template to get that to work with OmniFocus so that the TaskPaper is readable by it. I haven’t done it personally, though, so I can’t vouch for it.

OmniFocus can’t read multiple tags like that. It will read the first and drop the rest. I would personally recommend learning to read the TaskPaper syntax and make sure to enable that syntax highlighting in Drafts instead of creating a regex based automation to try and manage this.

Assuming you’re using my TaskPaper action group the first Tags action will wrap whatever you’ve written in the @tags() wrapper, or place the cursor between the brackets if nothing is selected for easy input. You can assign keyboard shortcuts to this as well.


Dear Rosemary,
thanks for replying , I was infact using your TaskPaper action group. I will try to highlight syntax and check .

Keyboard shortcuts to drafts ?

You can swipe each action to edit it and assign a keyboard shortcut from there.