Using 3 Productivity apps: Omnifocus 3/Things/Todoist by Clay Russell

Clay Russell tweeted he uses 3 productivity apps for business. Your thoughts?

There are lots of ways to structure your system. Clay’s way is a great example of that. CGP Grey has also used different task managers for different purposes (mainly 2do for its recurring task abilities).

Everyone’s mileage may vary with others’ systems. Some people can tolerate multiple task managers, some can’t.

I’d say if an approach is of interest, try it for two weeks and see if it works!


Does he discuss how he uses Things as well?

I’m OK with multiple tools. As long as he has a distinct line of what goes into each app. I wouldn’t want to cross-stream projects and tasks from different Areas of Responsibilities.

In a previous office life, I kept my work projects and tasks in Asana. That was what the office used. Anything that needs office collaboration and office oversight went to Asana.

Personal projects and tasks stayed in OmniFocus. I don’t want my coworkers seeing my Christmas shopping list.

I’ve been able to keep OF3 for my “mundane” single action tasks. I use Drafts to dictate text that will be expanded later into OF3.

If it works for him, then good for him. I don’t know if I can do more than 2 task apps.

Clay uses it for a Single Action items & Brainstorming

I’m a devoted OM user but have also grappled with using it more efectvily for the quick and mundane tasks. Recently I’ve made better use of perspectives just for these types of tasks. In short, I hide everthing in the perspective (all column info, the Inspector and the sidebar) being presented with just the task name. I then bang off these tasks without this task list overwhelming my other project task lists.

I jump to this new perspective using a recurring task in my routines project and a Keyboard Maestro macro. I’m committed to making OF my Unified Tool of GTD and these recent evolutions have made a big improvement for me.


Why would you take an app like Things that’s great for projects and use it as if it’s just a list app?

I can’t imagine using multiple tools like this. No way.