Upgrade Theoretical Accountability and streamline editing

Upgrade Theoretical Accountability and streamline editing

For season three of Theoretical, I’m exploring ways to cut back on how much time it takes to edit the two shows (Theoretical and Bookworm) that I personally edit. Whether that’s hiring it out or becoming more efficient is yet to be seen. But at the start, it needs to be the efficiency route. That’s primarily because it’s fiscally irresponsible to hire it out right now.

At the same time, Josh and I have decided (I may have twisted his arm) to rebrand Theoretical Accountability to The Productivity Guild Podcast. You can catch all the reasons on the show but the gist of it is that it just makes sense. We’re both involved here on the Guild and we talk about the same topics.

But that means new artwork, new intro/outro, website changes, etc. So it needs to be a goal to get that changed over.

I’ll be sad to see Theoretical Accountability change but that’s all part of the process. The old shows will remain in the feed and maintain the TA branding. It’s simply the new shows that will adopt the new. So here’s to change and upgrades to a great show! :beers: