Update on the road to Control

Update on the road to Control

I decided over the weekend that I am still battling with getting things under control. I have made the following changes:

  1. Deactivated Facebook
  2. Delete all social media apps, games, food delivery apps from my phone.
  3. Started using Toggl religiously to track my time
  4. Using Streaks to track 8 habits I want to enforce (some of them are gimmes)

In addition to my productivity journey, I am really trying to be more mindful and aware. I also started a weight loss journey 6 weeks ago. While I have had some ups and downs, I am still down 20 pounds which is a huge accomplishment. Hopefully going to see 40-60 more shed before I am done.

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Nice work! Did you end up doing this all at once or are these steps you’ve built up over time?

Come on. That’s so awesome! 20 pounds down is a huge thing to celebrate! :tada: :partying_face:

What things are you doing to get your weight down?

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I think I have been building toward it since the beginning of the year. I started by refusing to post or discuss anything political on social media. I also really began looking at my screentime usage and seeing how many times I picked up my devices and how much I was using certain apps.

But I started reading Digital Minimalism and decided to go ahead and pull the plug.

I am still using my phone/iPad/Mac for work purposes of course and I have gone mostly paperless so I am reading on my iPad, taking notes on my devices etc. but I removed the apps that are both a) optional and b) not adding significant value to my life.

I also have begun using the calm app on my daily walks to and from the office (in addition to my morning journaling routine (habit).

The 8 habits I am tracking are:

  1. Make the bed (Monday - Friday)
  2. Brush/Floss twice a day
  3. Journal daily
  4. Walk the dog 4 times/day (this forces me to go home during my lunch break)
  5. Stretch twice a day
  6. Get 15 mins of mindfulness/day (sometimes I combine this with stretching as well using calm body)
  7. Drink 64 oz. water per day (tracked automatically using the Hidrate Spark 2.0 water bottle connected to the streaks app through the health app)
  8. Maintain the 1200 calorie/day restriction (synced to streaks using MyFitnessPal)

I probably deleted over 100 apps off of my phone/iPad with more to come.

Additionally, I turned off all notifications, etc. for at least the next week and I am keeping a log of things where the notifications and reminders were beneficial to my life. (Alarm reminding me to stay on my shake schedule; reminders about meetings; etc.)

In regards to weight loss, I am going thru a physician-led program using optifast. I find that if I stick to the exact schedule: 1 shake every 2.5-3 hours, 1 soup per day (total of 6 shakes and 1 soup) plus a minimum of 64 oz. of water, I am totally fine. Where I run into problems is when I get off schedule and then it was easy to use food delivery apps to get a quick fix for my hunger. The goal is hopefully by June, I will be able to reintroduce food in a more mindful way and choose healthier options as I add in an exercise program.

It is def. a journey, but I have found even in 4 days I don’t really miss social media at all which is a win!

Seems like a common effect from this book :laughing:

Awesome – how has been pursuing multiple habits at once like that been going? I’ve personally always struggled with taking on more than about 2 at a time.

I think it’s funny how easy it is to feel like social media is necessary, but when you quit it, you don’t really care anymore.

With the multiple habits, I set this up intentionally. There are things on the list (Make the bed, Brush/Floss, Walk the dog, and stretch) that I already do every day. This allows me to have some baked in wins for the positive feedback.

The Diet/Water is really one goal together. So that really gives me three and for mindfulness, I am using walking mindfulness in calm for my 10 min walk daily so really that leaves me with journaling and diet. When I start exercising that will be the next one.

And yes to both of the social media and the books effect haha! Cal Newport is likely not on Mark Zuckerburg’s Christmas card list.