Ultimate Email Clients?

Ultimate Email Clients?

It seems like we will never find the ultimate email app.

Maybe it’s time for me to check Outlook? I remembered that the Outlook database would get corrupted every once in a while and I would lose data if I didn’t make a weekly backup. I wonder if it has improved since I last used Outlook more than 10 years ago?

I’ve never used AirMail because I keep seeing people jump on the AirMail bandwagon and then just jump off after trying to stick with it for a while.

Then there’s Spark… Not sure what to make of it. But it seems to be the favorite of the Sweet Setup as of December 2018.

Anyone who uses these apps care to comment? My life isn’t focused around email but it would be nice to hear from users who need a good email client. But then again, is email dying in favor of other social media tools such as Slack, Discourse, Twitter?

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At this point I’m super happy with my workflow:

I use Mail primarily on iOS to triage my messages and respond to any I can right away.

I then use Airmail (with push notifications off) to send any messages to my task manager. I have a custom action + shortcut I run that pulls the message ID and formats into a message URL that works on macOS as well as iOS.

I have tried to stick with one single client but it’s tough because they all have their strengths and weaknesses. I personally have found Airmail to be too buggy for regular use but it’s been great for some automation actions here and there.

I feel like Spark isn’t for me. It’s not as buggy as Airmail but I don’t love the flow of the app and they are mainly focused on team features for the past year so it doesn’t give me much hope that any of my little issues will get addressed.


All I want is a nice looking MailMate for iOS. All I want.

  • Markdown
  • Action Extensions
  • Fast
  • Stable
  • Connects directly to the freakin’ mail server versus through the developer (privacy)
  • Uses message:// for the url scheme.

Airmail comes close but it’s not as stable as I like. Dispatch was amazing but it’s been forgotten and left for the app graveyard.

Basically. :laughing:


I would love an iOS MailMate, too, but honestly, whatever keeps Benny happy keeps me happy as I think MlMt is the best mail app I’ve used and I’ve used them all except that Superhuman one. Plus, it feels nice to support indie devs. :money_with_wings:


I do the same except for using outlook instead of Mail.I had a lot of issues with mail loading and search on Airmail. I really like outlook. If only it had a share button/add-in for Things, would be perfect!


I’m very interested in this. Would you be willing to share? You may have just solved my problem!

Sure. Here’s how I do it. :blush:


I’m simplifying.

I use Apple Mail on my Mac for most email heavy lifting. I’m really trying to block schedule email time and otherwise stay out of it. Doing so on the Mac let’s me use AppleScript, Keyboard Maestro, and other powerful automation tools, like TextExpander.

I keep Apple Mail on my iPhone and iPad but try to not use it unless I have a really good reason. Sending emails from iOS using from Drafts lets you avoid the inbox trap.