Tracking the Must Do's

Tracking the Must Do's

What apps or tips do you have that can help track the “must do’s”. These are the tasks that link to meeting my goals. They are not necessarily habits. I am wanting to incorporate a few actions every day where I might manage 15 minutes and another day 1 hour, as long as by the end of the week I have completed for example 7 hours of decluttering and 5 hours of admin. What is the easiest way to track how much you have completed as you go along and check final score end of the week. I am a visual person. Thanks a mil! Yianna

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I’ve had the Productive app to help me with some of the tasks that I want to work on.

Another app that I’ve seen used is the Streaks app.

For me, I have one hour every day to work in my Productive app or Streaks app. It could be 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the afternoon. Or one 60 minute block. I set aside that time block to check the Productive app or Streaks app and try to continue on a streak. Eventually, I’ll have something become a true habit and I don’t need a reminder for it. Remember when we were kids and we always had to be reminded by our parents to brush our teeth? After a while, we integrated a habit into our daily routine and no longer need a checklist to do it anymore.

I take time every day to run through my checklists. It’s fast and easy. I review the checklists and schedule time for each checklist item. For me, the trick is to always review the checklists daily. If I don’t check the checklists daily, I probably won’t do any work on any habit.

Tell us what you’ve found. I’m curious to learn more too!

I’ve been using Streaks too but I make sure to not track more than 1-2 items. Streaks also tells you if you are not completing a tasks if frequency should be lowered.

I also did try a bullet journal spread to track for 17 days , visualization of paper tracker is amazing but lack of reminder ensured I never made it :frowning:

That’s why I’ve adopted the habit of always making sure my BuJo is easily accessible. It makes my checklists readily available. I’m learning the habit of frequently checking my BuJo lists so that I don’t have to set a reminder.

The presence of my BuJo always reminded me that there’s always something to do. It’s my “reminder” tickler. It helps to also keep that page open or put a different colored bookmark on that habits page so I can open to that page spread easily.

Hmm. That’s interesting. I tried the “BuJo” (why does that name get under my skin lol) and abandoned it because it wasn’t always near me and became more friction that I was comfortable with. Are you using just the “BuJo” now or using both OF and that?

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I started here:

TLDR: My digital task manager (currently OmniFocus but it can be whatever it is you are using) is my second brain. It holds everything so i don’t have to remember about it. I can review the projects and tasks anytime I need to. At the end of the day, I go to Today perspective which shows all due or flagged tasks. I choose 3-5 tasks and write them in my BuJo. I hide OF on my Mac (Command-H). Then I use the BuJo as my daily driver. I work from it. I don’t get distracted by going to my digital task manager and start looking at other things that are more enjoyable than the frog that I’m supposed to work on. I don’t work from my digital task manager. It’s too distracting and will lead to more procrastination.

Having the 3-5 tasks in the BuJo means I stay focused. I will absolutely try to get these tasks done. if I am finished, I go back to OmniFocus and look for another 1-3 tasks to finish the day.

I use the A5 size notebook. Small and portable enough for my messenger bag. Big enough for my chicken scratch handwriting.

If I wanted to go smaller, I can use 3x5 index cards held by a binder clip and work from there.

Keep extra index cards to capture new tasks or ideas to think about later.

The trick is to always keep the BuJo or index cards with a pen nearby. I also keep 3x5 cards and pens in the various family vehicles, on my nightstand next to the bed, a few in the bathroom, some more in the kitchen. Always be ready to capture.

But i can use my iPhone and capture things inside Drafts app with voice dictation.

At the end of the day, I go back to OmniFocus and mark down what I’ve completed. Transfer any new captured tasks from BuJo to OmniFocus, copy notes to the appropriate app (Ulysses, DevonThink, Agenda, or others). I do get away from my computer throughout the day. Having OmniFocus on my iPhone and iPad can get distracting and I might start tinkering in there to procrastinate. But I don’t open it often enough because my BuJo keeps me on track.

In the end, OmniFocus is used for planning projects and holding them. The BuJo is for doing the actual work.

I wonder how others do it if they are working on the computers on the time? Maybe quit the task manager and keep it off the MacOS dock?

I also turn off badge notifications in all of my apps. Those badge numbers distract me and makes me worry that I need to put out a fire somewhere else. If it’s an emergency, somebody better call me directly or direct message me. I won’t check my email/social media every minute.

Honestly, I only use OF on the Mac a few times a day. Most of my use is from iOS.

I’m really intrigued by your use of the notebook and may give this a try for a while using a FieldNotes notebook since they fit nicely in my pocket.

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