Toggl Announces Siri Shortcuts Support, New Summary Report

Toggl Announces Siri Shortcuts Support, New Summary Report

We recently took a look at the basics of using Toggl for time tracking on the Pro side of the Guild. Since our review, Toggle has announced a couple of new features.

Siri Shortcuts Support

The Toggl team recently rolled out a web page showing you how to set up Siri Shortcuts using the Toggl app.

In my opinion, the Shortcuts integration is extremely limited. You can only start and stop timers (with no metadata additions) or look at a report.

Considering Toggl’s web API currently is, I really hope Toggl adds more in-depth support for Siri Shortcuts.

As it stands right now, the only use I’ve found for Siri Shortcuts integration in the official Toggl app is quickly stopping a timer if I forgot to when leaving my computer.

New Summary Report

From the Toggl bloggl (it only seemed appropriate):

Today, a new Summary Report page debuts on the web app. It features visual and speed enhancements based on user feedback. The gradual rollout will affect only a few thousand users at a time. We’ll get to you eventually, so sit tight!

The purpose of the Summary Report remains the same: an analysis page that lets you see how you’ve worked over a specific period by grouping your tracked time in different ways.

In reviewing the additions to the summary report, all the basics are still there. The major addition is the ability to round off time entries, which seems to be beneficial for teams using Toggl to track time billable to clients and not as much for personal productivity.

That being said, any improvement to speed and usability is welcome in my book.

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