Timeboxing Trial

Hey All!

Have decided to give timeboxing a proper go after reading about it. Here is my journal entry on my experience after a week:


Started timeboxing: Tasks in OmniFocus are tagged „Fantastical“, given an estimated duration, and then dragged and dropped in to…you guessed it…Fantastical. I have my iPhone on a stand on my desk with the day view In Apple Calendars open (nice clean day overview, Fantastical doesn‘t offer that), good to see how much time I have left for a task. Tasks are generally 15, 30 or 60 minutes, and can therefore nicely be tracked in half hour Pomodoro chunks, for which I use FocusApp.

So What

It has eradicated over-scheduling. Can‘t fit more in the calendar than fits in there, and with building in 10-20% margin in to estimated duration, I even had time to do a few tasks from tomorrows list! Luckily, nobody really distracted me today, that’s not always the case.

Now What?

Keep up the system, and tweak it should it need tweaking. I‘m happy with it, good first week!


I’m glad to see your experiment. I’ll have to retry time boxing once again. I think it wasn’t the right time for me a year ago. But I’ll have to try another attempt at time boxing once again. Thanks for the nudge!

Thanks for sharing @flobach :smiley:

I’m currently reading Make Time, and it has me reeling a bit about my productivity habits (not to mention the fact that disconnecting for a week during my company’s annual meetup caused me to re-evaluate some things, too). One of those items is relying too heavily on a task list and not enough on my actual use of time.

I’ve tried timeboxing before, and it didn’t work because I found it impossible to stick to. But there are ways to track my proposed and actual time usage for a day that I may attempt. Having a plan always helps anyway!

Thanks for the input guys!

Today was a trickier day, with a few emails flinging additional tasks my way, and a train that needed 45 minutes for a 15 Minute journey…

So: scan my pre-timeboxed calendar (done the night before), adjust the task timing, chuck done tasks over to tomorrow, and get on with it!

Sounds easy. Whilst it pretty much can be, some discipline is necessary…and I overran a bit today, so I have to do my evening prep tomorrow morning. Ah well, roll with the punches!


Well, it all fell apart, too complex Or a system I think. I’ve now just put Placeholders for a few hours on my calendar (e.g. „Study Time 9-11am, Project XYZ 11:15-12:15). Individual tasks are taken care of in OmniFocus. Let’s hope a) it works, so that I can b) just stick to the system.


I personally block time for projects or contexts, rather than tasks. This allows me to adjust on the fly as needed, and my calendar only gives me the outline of what to do. This also eliminates my previous problem of “but I don’t want to do X now!”, because I don’t have to do X, just something from the particular project.