Thriving in the Gig Economy (HBR March-Apr 2018)

Hi Justin,

I just came about an HBR article that reports a study made over 65 so called gig (remote, self employed) workers and concludes that most effective workers share 4 characteristics which make them so:

1.- Place - How they set up their work place for focus and productivity
2.- Routines - what can I say which has not been said here …
3.- Purpose - … same as before …
4.- People connections - for support and feedback

Well, nothing new for this site, but I thought it was interesting that a publication like Harvard Business Review finds these conclusions worth to publish and the study singles out these four characteristics over other topics discussed in here.

Just though it could interest some of you to check it out. (I am not a lawyer but I don’t think I can attach it here)

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Oh that’s great! Is that posted online somewhere you can link to? I’m very interested in reading this report. Thanks so much for sharing.

This is a great frame. A few of those are big pieces of how I think about the content here.

Sure! Here you go

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