Thoughts on productivity from a BBC item

I thought this might be interesting for some people here. I don’t think there are any great revelations, but it does seem like a good summary of some current thinking.

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Thanks for the link!

I’ve found my flow interrupted constantly and it takes time to rev back up to speed when I return to my original task. I’ve had to schedule time to get work done away from the office. Oftentimes, I’ll hand the office over to my ever-capable wife and take the kids to whatever after school activity scheduled for today. Then I hunker down with my iPad or MacBook Pro and churn away uninterrupted until the kids are finished.

Sometimes I can catch a 20 minute power nap in the afternoon and that often helps me re-energize and get back to work.

Thanks for reminding us about the importance of energy in this busy, distracting world we live in.

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