The Secret To Getting Things Done

One thing I value in online articles and podcasts is authenticity. I can resonate with people better when they are real and don’t focus on the exact process that will earn you a million dollars but spell out the struggles and pain of getting to a better place. Which is why I was drawn to this article on the Zappos blog about GTD. It’s always encouraging and motivating to read a first-hand experience of how someone came to GTD and see the excitement they can’t hold in.

If you’re against GTD, you’ll want to skip this article. :wink:


Reading this was one of those “oh, that’s a little more insight into the mindset of GTD” moments for me.

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It’s always nice to get a reminder about returning back to the basics.

It’s always tough trying to build your own workflow. We all have our own version of GTD and it’s such an awesome feeling when we can lay down the building blocks of our workflow by reading these articles.

The mind sweep is the first secret. This gets everything off your mind and on paper/screen for you to see.

Actually doing is the second secret. Projects and tasks are worthless unless it gets done.

The third secret is the review. Keep track of our current projects and tasks. Re-evaluate what can be deleted, deferred, or delegated. The review is probably the most underrated part but one of the most essential in terms to keeping your system fresh and trustworthy.