The Future of Productivity Guild

Over the last couple months I’ve been exploring the idea of a premium section here on The Guild. And after much thought and discussion with some trusted mentors I’ve decided to move forward with the idea. :tada: :confetti_ball:

If you’re interested in hearing a discussion about it that I had with @shouit and @bobbleheadjoe, you can check that out here (timestamped so you can jump ahead by hitting play):

All of this means that over the next month there will be a lot of changes here on The Guild. I’ll be building out the premium section, naming it, rebranding the site, and a whole bunch of details that take time and are zero fun. :wink:

And because I always want to know what these things will entail, I figure it’s a good idea to share what will be behind the paywall:

  1. General topic area for paying members.
  2. Monthly book club webinars. Includes a category for voting to choose the next book.
  3. Hacking category for sharing scripts and tricks.
  4. Ideas subcategory for the Hacking section to propose new scripts. I’m debating building one a month.
  5. Monthly mastermind/topical webinars.
  6. Monthly AMAs (ask me anything) with folks from The Guild and the broader productivity community.
  7. Regular screencasts by yours truly. Considering weekly but may need to be bi-weekly.
  8. Tools category to deep dive a specific app and app comparisons.
  9. Access to the Working With OmniFocus videos.
  10. I’m debating access to the Working With Ideas videos, but those are a bit specialized to the site they’re on.

All-in-all, there’s a lot going into this and I’m super excited about it! :beers:


I made a thing so it’s easier to catch the conversation from Theoretical. :wink:

Anyone interested in following along with the design contest? :wink:

@shouit We can see the waveforms!

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