The Focus Course

Our friends over at The Focus Course have opened up registration for a short period of time to their top-notch resource on building intentionality and focus.

As a remote worker and as a person, learning to focus on what matters most an, if not the, essential skill of our time.

If you’ve considered joining The Focus Course, today’s your day!

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Wow. That’s absurd. I get peoples energy and time is worth something, but $40 a month for the “base” setup is crazy. $1,500 for the full thing? I’m pretty sure I could focus after spending that much cause I wouldn’t have much money left for anything else.

I totally understand the concern there. But to be fair what you’re paying for is a premium course that Shawn and team continually invest into improving. It’s not for everyone, but if it hits home, it’s worth it.

I was just looking at this course about four or five days ago. It does look interesting. As Troy mentioned it is pricey and I didn’t get a great idea of what value is in return. I had signed up for the associated free newsletter that sends out a daily lesson for a week. What ultimately turned me away was the amount of typos, grammatical errors and poorly cropped images in those daily emails. I’m not trying to discredit Shawn in any way, he writes some good content. Just not a fit for my wallet.

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