The Burnout Topic

I want to start an open discussion about burnout.

  • Have you dealt with it?
  • How are you working to prevent it?
  • Are there things you wish were different in modern work that could help?

Let’s discuss.

For those who don’t know, I hit a bout of burnout last year that I’m still recovering from somewhat.

I posted a video today responding to Cal Newport on his views of burnout and how to fix it.

I also did a conference talk last year about this subject.

I have always shut down by Friday night & all day Saturday for years. Then back to work on Sunday. This has worked for me!!!

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I am on call virtually every waking hour even though it’s my own business. I manage website maintenance and hosting for over 50 clients plus contracts to manage some sites ever changing content, I also do daily social media posts for 5 of those clients. Oh and I develop new sites on top of all this and the business admin.

I have been doing this for 20 plus years.

Honestly I love it, I decamped to Cyprus a few years ago, I can run most of the above from coffee shops on the sea front, the coding I do in the afternoon at home which is about 100 yards from the sea. Burnout for me would be not having all this to do, and just feeling useless.

Work keeps me young, inquisitive and fired up for each day, sure there are days where I feel down but a quick reality check and an inner talking too fixes that. I am lucky, many in the world have far more problems than me, I try to remember this every day and just keep doing what I do


You hit a good point I think – being able to do what works for you (and what you enjoy) really helps! Some people need rest and a break from stimulation, others need meaningful stuff to do and a great place to do it.