The Best Productivity Apps for 2020 – A Complete List

Doist nails it again with another great list of top productivity apps for this year.

But, I love how they start the article:

Let’s get one thing out of the way first: You do not need any of the apps on this list in order to be productive.

Michaelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel without a Pomodoro timer. Marie Curie managed to develop her theory of radioactivity without the help of Evernote. Benjamin Franklin kept track of his to-do lists quite well enough with pen and paper. People have been accomplishing great things for Millenia without any digital assistance.

What’s more important than the apps you use are the habits and systems you put in place to show up consistently and do the work.

TL;DR - Tools can help, but habits and systems are vastly more important!


I was surprised that DEVONthink was not included under the Note Taking category. Only my thoughts!

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I think DEVONthink belongs in a separate category like file reference. The closest category I would put it in is note-taking. But I don’t use DEVOnthink for note-taking. Bear and Notion feels like it fits that category better.

I think the article should have had a separate category for file reference. It’s a nice guideline but we should find the apps that fit our own personal needs. There are many worthwhile apps but I have my own personal list of apps.

Here is a list of my own personal toolbox:

As the article says in the end, the apps are just tools to help you create a system or workflow. Find the apps that will fit your system.

What’s in everyone’s productivity apps list?


Here’s mine:

  • Task Management: Bullet Journal, Reminders
  • Project Management: Notion
  • File Cabinet: iCloud and Evernote
  • Note Taking: Bullet Journal, Drafts, Apple Notes, Bear
  • Lifestyle/Exercise: Apple Watch