Superhuman email

I just received a notice that I am able to enroll in the Superhuman email application. I was on the waiting list for over a year.
I currently use Protonmail primarily from a security standpoint.
Question? Anyone currently using Superhuman? If so, what you do like & dislike about the email program. Thank you!

Was there anything missing in your current email app of choice that is offered in Superhuman?

Stability and security are the biggest things I want from an email app.

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I use Protonmail, which provides stability & security. At the present time, their is nothing missing from Protonmail.

I was more curious to hear from people using Superhuman email, and why they are willing to pay $360.00 for the service. What does Superhuman email do, the NONE of the other providers offer to justify the investment.

Superhuman is made for people who deal with a ridiculous amount of email. It’s made to be a VIP service, hence the high cost. For 99% of email users, Superhuman is likely not worth it.