Summers are a great time to be bored!

Summers are a great time to be bored!

This year, I did a staycation. I was so burned out from work and I didn’t need the stress of waiting in long lines at Disneyland or try to make sure we follow the vacation schedule. I just took a break and checked out of the office for a couple of weeks.

I was worried because I’m so used to always coming in to the office and staying busy. The daily demands of life crowded out the creative side of my mind. I’ve found a lot of my best ideas come from periods when I was bored. I was mowing the lawn recently when an idea popped up in my head. I connected two different conversations I had within the past 3 months and was surprised when the light bulb in my head lit up. I don’t know if I would have had the light bulb moment if I was nose deep in weekly sales reports and paper shuffling.

We need some times of boredom to generate new projects and goals that can steer our lives into different directions. Stay hungry, stay bored!

- @wilsonng

Automation is the feature you have to try!

Shawn Blanc takes us on a preview of Shortcuts on iOS. The iPhone has been our constant companion assisting us with whatever questions we have.

Hey Siri, what is the time in Toronto?

Hey Siri, play my workout playlist

Shortcuts in iOS promises to bring the virtual assistant to our iOS devices in iOS 12. There are new actions that you can use to assemble a new workflow. It is certainly more powerful than a simple Google search.

Keep an eye out for automation types by visiting these great resources:

When iOS 12 comes out later this year, you’ll be ready to take advantage of Shortcuts and automate many parts of your life!

Trying to connect the dots between my big goals and today’s work

I am knee deep in the weeds of my task manager and it’s hard to see a mile out. My task manager is great at the daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. But it’s not so great at tackling the big dreams and goals.

Michael Motta introduces to the concept of using a long-term journal to keep our big goals and the short-term journal to track the progress towards the big goals.

@justindirose has his own experiment in the #deep-dives section available for Pro subscribers.

Curating your To-Do List

We love to create to-do lists for everything. But to-do lists can become overwhelming and filled with lots of junk and outdated items. Curating your to-do lists will do wonders to refresh it.

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Using My Summer Downtime To Clear Out Cruft In My Life.

The mid-way point of the year is a good time for my to re-evaluate my life. A lot can happen since last year’s End-Of-The-Year review. It’s time for a checkup on your systems. Update, delete, and re-orient after doing a review. Here are five tips that can be used to simplify your life. Life can get complex and a summertime review will help you claim control of your life when you return from your summer vacation.