Stress Management and Time Management Are Friends?

Why Stress Management and Time Management Go Hand in Hand

There’s nothing more I hate than losing control. That’s what happens when I get stressed out over situations in life when I feel like a leaf in a tornado. Here are five tips to get you started to reduce your stress and anxiety.

An Eisenhower Matrix app to try

Searching for a task manager is a very personal choice. Focus Matrix uses Dwight Eisenhower’s personal task management strategy. Organize your projects and tasks into four quadrants:

  1. Urgent, Important
  2. Urgent, Not Important
  3. Not Urgent, Important
  4. Not Urgent, Not Important

The idea is to try to stay away from Box 4 (Not Urgent, Not Important). Throw this app into the ring to see if an Eisenhower approach to task management is a good fit for you. It might be time to see your projects and tasks through the lens of urgency and importance now.

The Power of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is a topic that has been a trend that has been circling the psychology arena for a while now. Here is a primer on how to use emotional intelligence to your advantage. The skill to work with others and empathize with others can help create a win-win situation for everybody involved. It’s sad to see some people using a win-lose proposition (I win, you lose) to get the most out of any situation. Emotional intelligence encourages us to work together for a common cause. We have more in common with each other than we realize. Teamwork will get us to our goals faster than a bunch of individuals looking out for themselves. Read about the five secrets to increase your emotional intelligence now.

An out-of-left-field podcast to listen to

I’ve been clearing out my podcast subscription this summer now. It’s time for a fresh reboot and see which old podcasts I can un-suscribe from and look for new podcasts that align closer to my goals. I had way too many Mac Tech podcasts (how many podcasts do I need to listen to when they’re all talking about the new iPhones anyways?). I trimmed my news podcasts down to a select few and I’ve eliminated some podcasts that no longer excite me. This gives me room to try out new podcasts. One of my new favorite is the Bruce Lee podcast. It is weekly podcast hosted by his daughter, Shannon Lee and cultural analyst Sharon Ann Lee. They look into Bruce Lee’s personal journals and expand on many of his writings.

Bruce was a philosophy major who dropped out when he had a chance to become a movie star. He wrote daily in his personal journals and wanted to use martial arts as a path towards self improvement.

The two Sharons get together and discuss Bruce’s writings. Google for Bruce Lee quotes and you’ll see a lot of mantras that rings true in the productivity circle. Here’s one of my favorite quotes:

This is the core of my personal task management system. Take bits from other productivity systems (GTD, ZTD, Agile Results, Eisenhower Matrix) and make it your own. Don’t try to adapt the pieces that don’t fit.

You’ll get to hear the hosts try to apply philosophy to daily life. Give this a try. Anything is better than the typical daily news dump that bombard us every day. Here is a recent Listener Wisdom episode where listeners would send their #BruceLeeMoments . This will give you an idea of what to expect from this interesting podcast.

Bridging the gap between analog and digital

Here’s a new toy for your consideration. This is a special notebook that was featured on the TV show, Shark Tank. It is a re-usable notebook that allows you to erase the pages by wiping it down with a damp towel. There are QR Codes to is used with the corresponding app. Save your pages to PDF or JPG your favorite cloud services. Give this a try if you want to bridge analog and digital.

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