So you want to use Notion... where do you start?

Notion is a new kid on the block and everyone is raving about it!

It’s flexible, powerful, can act as a wiki, and even gives the feel of a whiteboard while having all the benefits of a digital tool.

If you’re just getting started with Notion, where do you begin?

Here are some resources to help you out.

Keep Productive

@francesco has done an amazing job of highlighting all the useful features, use cases, and workflows you can find about Notion over on his YouTube channel.

He even has a full-fledged course out on how to get started! I highly recommend checking it out.

Notion Office Hours

Marie Poulin leads an excellent series over on the Notion YouTube channel chatting through a variety of subject about using Notion. It’s yet another high-value place to spend your time.

Thomas Frank’s Notion Setup

This video gives you a sense of just how powerful Notion can be with templates, relational databases, and more. It inspired me to create a more robust planning workflow around #process and other content we produce here at Effective Remote Work.

Ali Abdaal’s Resonance Calendar

A unique idea for capturing input that’s resonated for you all inside of Notion.

If you have an interesting Notion resource, be sure to reply below and mention it. We’ll update this topic with new suggestions as we’re able!