Sneak peek at my Keyboard Maestro macro group - The Daily Review

I’ve always hated doing the daily review. That’s something that I’ve heard quite frequently. It’s repetitive and mind-numbing. But I’ve learned to love my daily review over time. It keeps my system refreshed and updated. I learn to trust it because I know I’ve seen each project whenever I need to see it (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly). But the act of doing the daily review has always frustrated me. That’s when I turned to Keyboard Maestro. Automation tools can help speed up any repetitive process. Keyboard Maestro is probably the big app that keeps me glued to the Mac instead of going completely iPad-only.

In my first post about Keyboard Maestro, I experimented with creating perspective groups with Keyboard Maestro. I have a lot of perspectives (smart lists) and wanted a way to group them easily. I used KM macro groups for that purpose.

In my second experiment, I created a Numbers spreadsheet or OmniOutliner outline that held a checklist of my daily review and weekly review workflow.

It was an interesting experiment. I included callback URLs to launch the appropriate app when I needed to. If I need to look at my calendar, I click on a URL to open Fantastical. If I need to review my email inbox, I have a URL that will open my automatically.

But I wanted something more. I wanted to perform a series of actions instead of just launching an app or opening a web site. When I want to look at tomorrow’s schedule, I can have a Keyboard Maestro macro that will open Fantastical, resize the window, switch to the Day view, and jump to tomorrow with just one click.

I’m presenting a rough cut of a short screencast that I did tonight. It shows how I use Keyboard Maestro to speed up the daily review process. I give a short walkthrough of going through my daily review.

The one feature of Keyboard Maestro that I loved to use with each checklist step is notifications. Whenever I click on the next step, a quick notification pops up and reminds me about what I am doing with this view. If I click on “DevonThink Inbox”, it reminds me to do this:

File DevonThink Inbox Items to Folders or Trash.
Create Next Actions in OmniFocus if needed

If you like to read more about some of the ideas and mindsets that I’ve discovered during this experiment, check out the Deep Dives post that is available to Pro Guild members. Over there, I included a link to a sample Keyboard Maestro macro group that you can download and try it out for yourself.

Hope you enjoyed this little experiment. It was fun to build upon my Keyboard Maestro experiment and evolve it into a Daily Review checklist. If you have other checklists that you perform routinely, Keyboard Maestro’s macro groups is an interesting way to get you through that list easily.


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I was using OmniFocus as my task manager, Fantastical as my calendar app, and Day One as my journal app. But you can change the Keyboard Maestro macros to open the task manager, calendar, and journal app of your choice.

It would be easy enough to have a macro that opens Things or 2Do and use menu commands to go to the appropriate smart list or view.

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I wanted to get clear titles into my Daily Review and noticed that something still didn’t feel right. I’ve been putting the word ‘Clear’ to clear out any inbox items:

  1. Clear gMail inbox
  2. Clear Ulysses inbox
  3. Clear LinkedIn inbox
  4. Clear OmniFocus inbox

Next, I review the various checklists and smart lists in my task manager:

  1. Review Agenda items
  2. Review OmniFocus Projects
  3. Review Big Rocks

Finally, I have a planning section where I do these steps:

  1. Plan Dashboard - Put items into my Today list by flagging them or adding a “Today” tag.
  2. Plan tomorrow - move tasks into a time block in my calendar.

I’ve been fleshing out my own personal Daily Review to include the Inboxes that I didn’t include in my little video.

Creating clear macro name and notification comments can go a long way to making the Daily Review easier.


Now that I see the number of inboxes is growing larger, I think I might have to have a KM macro group just for clearing my inboxes. Or I might just break down and go to a real email app such as Apple Mail, Spark, or Airmail to consolidate email inbox checking… :face_with_monocle:

Don’t forget Mailmate. It’s a powerhouse.

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