Simple Strategies to Focus While Working Remotely

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Are you having trouble focusing while working from home? There are some radically simple things you can do to help stay focused. Create SpaceClose the office door or use headphones/musicTurn off notificationsChoose 20-60 minute blocks in the day for deep workClarifyChoose your 1-3 most important tasksDo a mindsweepBuild RoutinesRoutines build focus (i.e. Pavlov’s dogs)Start work…

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I’ve been working from home for the last decade, and I can tell you one thing about it – it can be difficult to focus.

With all the fun things we can do at home, all the undone chores, and maybe kids and family around.

That’s why we’re going live on YouTube 2020-04-16T17:00:00Z to discuss some simple strategies to focus while working from home.

I hope you can join - it’s going to be a great time!

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Great episode! Routines have been an essential part of my day. It provides a sense of normalcy in the crazy COVID-19 times we’re experiencing. We’re all creatures of habit and need some comfort now.

I’ve had a few days where I’ve gotten nothing done. I’m slowly accepting the fact that it’s OK and this will pass. I don’t feel guilty about hitting a Kindle book or hit a few Netflix episodes today because I know I will be feeling better in a few hours.

As a way of establishing routines, I’ve relied mostly on creating checklists which provides me clear guidance on many of my workflows. I have a startup routine checklist, a shutdown routine checklist, and other checklists to stay on track.

The Mindsweep will help me create checklists that I can refine over time. If I’m not clear on something, I’ll stop and try to clarify what’s bugging me. Then I can refine the next actions in my checklist. Checklists don’t have to be written in concrete. It can and will change over time.

I love being able to define my Big Rock or Deep Work for the day as well as picking the 3 most important tasks. I make sure to leave buffer for any incoming daily requests that comes in from my family or other areas of responsibilities that I may have to involve myself with.

Looking forward to the new podcast!

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