Send emails from iOS to evernote iOS

Send emails from iOS to evernote iOS

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I would like to be able to send emails received from my email account, on an ipad, automatically to evernote. Does anyone know how to do it?

Is there an email app for those who can automate this forwarding?

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There are two parts to this . Once you reply to this we can fine tune.

  1. In your Evernote profile , you would be given a personal email address where you can send email to for processing automagically in Evernote . You need to take note of it and forward emails to this address

  2. Depending upon the email service you use , you need to configure the email service (working on iPad) to forward emails to Evernote address on 1 . If you also want to send your outgoing emails to Evernote , you need to configure your email client (on iPAD) to bcc

For 1

For 2 on Google services



Thank you.

The problem is that the installed email application is mail, and does not allow for forwarding, nor rules, nor labels.

It will be necessary to install another mail application.

Thanks for your answer. Very complete.

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The apps might not have mail rules but if you use iCloud, Yahoo Mail, or gMail, you can probably create a mail rule that can collect e-mails into a chosen folder. Maybe use the mail rules on the email web site would work? I’m not familiar with (If This Then That) but I think it might do something where you can create actions to automatically e-mail certain emails automatically to the Evernote email address.

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Dear Bedmar.

Fortunately stock ios has a setting to bcc yourself, solving your problem.

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Thank you very much, but it can only be done in shipping, in writing, not receiving.

I’ll try gmail, and its rules

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