Saying hello

  • Hey there - my name is Andrew. Have been looking at various posts on this forum over the past 3-6 months with great interest.
  • I am a physician scientist with a particular focus on the research aspects of things at the moment - balancing many activities at various stages of development etc.
  • I got into the productivity world as I guess I have always sought a better way to do things. I think I downloaded OF years ago - tried to use it and abandoned things for a long while thereafter
  • Then recently, as I came to do my postdoc - I discovered the world of Asian Efficiency and their OF premium posts which was a game changer for me.
  • Have been using OF ever since - varying my approach on an ongoing basis
  • I must admit there have been times when I wonder if the whole productivity approach is slowing me down - but I have continued to persist despite these feelings
  • The guild… i stumbled on during my reading I believe.
  • I have learnt a lot over the last two years - the importance of rituals, when to use due dates, the importance of keeping OF current and much more…

Happy to chat and looking forward to being part of this community



There’s always the search for a better way. Take what you have and let it evolve slowly over time. That’s what I’ve discovered about productivity in general. Workflows will come and go when you need them. Some experiments worked. Some didn’t. Eventually the jigsaw puzzle pieces will fall into place.

Same here. Jumped on OF, left, came back, left, rinse, repeat…

I’ve tried to keep mine as simple as it needs to be and add on when needed. Then take off when no longer needed. There are just some things I’m not ready for. But that’s OK. If it is important enough in life, it’ll find a place in my world.

Glad to have you on board!

Welcome! And thanks for introducing yourself! We love to see new faces around here.

What does this field involve working on? Sounds interesting.

It definitely can if you focus on the process more than the work, but it never hurts to get your process down for sure.