Roam Research? Relative Newcomer

Last week, I stumbled upon a newcomer in the realm of note-taking: “Roam Research” (

I haven’t played with it a ton, but what I’ve discovered so far is that there are a number of similarities to tools like WorkFlowy (the bulleted lists, “zooming in”, etc.). Outside of that, they claim that linked docs/thoughts are where it’s at, and make it easy to do so (and claim that tools like Evernote and Notion are off the mark as far as how our brains work, both in capturing and returning to notes). The app also has a graph that reflects your current “network of thoughts”.

I’m probably a bit premature in posting on this, but I wanted to share with everyone here to see if anyone else has seen or is using this app, and what your thoughts are. I’m not sure yet if this is a tool I should take into consideration for notes and my “second brain”, or if I’m just deluding myself and distracted by the latest new and shiny tool.

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I just took a look — very interesting concept for sure!

Definitely not as polished as Notion or even Workflowy, but to be expected at this stage.

I like the concept of the graph. I work well with mindmaps, so maybe a less linear note software would be helpful.

I have a couple of knocks on it thus far (for me):

  • no mobile apps yet
  • I wonder! “will this be another failed cloud service to have to worry about?” Just because it’s so early on.

That being said, I may dive in and give it a whirl!

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It’s interesting to see note-taking apps are still in hot demand. Evernote just seemed to want to cram as much as possible and lost their way. Notion seems to be the new darling in the spotlight. I am hopefully looking for a mobile app for Roam that allows me to do offline note taking.

I was set back a few years ago by Novamind when the developer had health issues and had to pass development off to someone else. Then Circus Ponies Notebook quietly went away and I had to scramble to find a suitable replacement. I hope Roam will be able to differentiate themselves.

I haven’t cleared the time to deep dive into Notion. I’ll have to wait for after the holidays to revisit Roam and Notion.

Thanks for the heads up!