Reviews Beget Clarity

Have you ever gone and blown up your task management system because it became too complicated?

:raised_back_of_hand: I sure have.

In my experience, without careful thought and tending, task software can cause you to:

  • Overcomplicate your workflow
  • Try to keep track of too much stuff
  • Be overwhelmed by all the data in it
  • Lose sight of the broad horizon

Task managers have their place because they excel at one thing: managing the details.

I think people struggle with task managers primarily because of workflow. Task managers just aren’t good at managing the broad horizons, but so often we try to throw them in there to have everything in “one tool”.

For me, I’m finding I need different workspaces: some structured for detail management (like OmniFocus, or my Full Focus Planner), and some unstructured for being creative and thinking broadly (like Notion and Obsidian).

It’s become so much less about the tool I’m using and more about the system and workflow I’m developing. I can plan details but if I never review it for accuracy, it’s useless. Same thing goes for broad vision: if I never look at it, how can I know if I’m on track and staying the course?

In essence: review, and regularly.

Even though the work demands attention, step back, get above it, and take a look. Aim to keep things simple by cutting unnecessary tasks/projects/workflows out. Make sure everything is accurate. And don’t be afraid to adjust your plans if need be.

It’s not really the task manager at fault. You likely need some clarity.


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