Replace my iPhone 6S Plus

I need to replace my iPhone 6S Plus. Looking at the iPhone XR & XS Max. I know there is a price difference. Besides the price, why choose one over the other? Thank you

XS/XS Max are great for the camera and the OLED screen. I have no experience with the XR, but I love black backgrounds with the OLED screen, as the pixels are completely off.

So you suggest XS/XS Max or wait for the new models in November?

I think you should wait for the new models coming soon personally, but if you need one immediately, you can’t go wrong with either the XS or XR lines.

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They’re both fairly large iPhones. That’s for sure!

It all depends on what you want in your phone…

I personally prefer the iPhone 8. It’s small enough for me to carry around. If I truly wanted a bigger display, I take out my iPad or iPad mini for a better experience.


Thank you & I have another question. In regards to email security & google selling your info & now bring in AMP, for ads & marketing. Are you concerned about security? If so, what email provider do you recommend? eg. Tutanota.

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@Yaakov I recently moved to Tutanota, it’s great considering the price. The calendar is not as good as Gcal, but it works well. They now support DKIM and DMARC for custom domains. While their apps still require some works - for example no keyboard shortcuts at all, it’s overall a great service, and of course it’s super secure.


Personally I would wait until 2020 when the rumoured 5G and reduced notch phones are due out. 2019 is likely to produce an increment of little value to the existing range just to push sales.

For most users the XR is apparently good enough and recommended the XS/XSmax has a better screen (supposedly) I would rather have the 400 odd dollars/pounds/euros difference in my bank rather than Apples (I need it more).


AMP is nothing to do with advertising it’s a proprietary code format (a subset of HTML) and Googles attempt to keep people inside the Google ecosystem by using AMP pages in their search results. From my tests it produces little or no value for the overheads required.

We as a business run on Google apps (only really using the Gmail element) and I am afraid my attitude is if Google wants to read my emails fine, they certainly will find nothing of interest!

Data is being harvested every single second of every single day, are any of us so naive that we believe we can isolate ourselves from that process. Yes use a secure email like proton mail or Tutanota but unless the receiving party is as well your email is likely to be just more harvested data at the receivers end, so largely it’s just more marketing hype, in this case privacy, from companies wanting your business.


This is the best explanation & clarification. I will move to G-Suite. I think there is an ROI on the service and ease of mind, if have any issues.