Remotely Working is Launching on May 4th!

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May the Fourth be with you! Nerdy Star Wars fan stuff aside, May 4th, 2020, will be a special day because… …we’re launching Remotely Working, our new podcast for remote workers to help them integrate their lives and work well. To give a good foundation of what we’re going to talk about, we are launching…

I’m really excited for the launch 2020-05-04T05:00:00Z!

A summary of the episodes that will be available:

  1. This is Remotely Working
  2. Justin’s Remote Worker Origin Story
  3. Work/Life Integration

Hope you all enjoy! If you have any feedback, please comment here on the posts or email us at!

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Can’t wait for the noise cancelling headphone review lol.

As a new to working from home person that is the number one thing I’ve found is having a great pair of noise cancelling headphones if you want to get things done and have a house full of kids.

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I’ll be sure to write one up on the blog. Noise cancelling headphones are the #1 way I zone in.

Absolutely. I was using the airpod pros for awhile, but the last few months they don’t seem to do noise cancelling very well. Sometimes I try to turn it on and it tells me it already is.

I was going to buy a pair but The Wirecutter reports issues with quality after a few months. Love the small form factor, but maybe another product is better.

I’ve been using the Bose QC 35 for a while now and they’re pretty stellar. Not going to go running with them, but for focused work they are :ok_hand:

I’ve decided I can’t get away with one pair so I’m buying a pair of the Jabra active for my running headphones and getting a pair of the Sony or Bose ANC headphones for work. I have a cheap pair of amazon ones that can hold me until I get those.

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I’m a fan of multiple devices for different use cases if it makes sense financially. I’ll have to check out the Jabra active.

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