Remodel our master bedroom

Remodel our master bedroom

We’ve managed to remodel most rooms in our house but never our bedroom. It would be hard to explain what we’re doing without pictures so I’ll lay out the plan per week here and try to post pictures along the way.

I’m starting this cycle with some work already completed. All trim has been pulled and door/window casings have been painted. Here’s the path from there:

[*] 15: Make frame for Becky’s painting
[] 16: Paint bedroom walls
[] 17: Make headboard frame
[] 18: Make crown molding
[] 19: Paint all trim and molding
[] 20: Catch up week
[] 21: Install trim and molding
[] 22: Make night stands out of live edge cherry
[] 23: Make night stands out of live edge cherry
[] 24: Apply finish to night stands
[] 25: Install night stands
[] 26: Make blanket rack
[] 27: Catch up week

Are you sure you can do that? :confused: It seems a bit out of reach.