Release the Discourse League plugin to the public

Release the Discourse League plugin to the public

This is a plugin for Discourse that allows admins to set up subscriptions or one-time payments in exchange for access to a membership group in Discourse. That will then allow admins to create pay-to-play sections in order to monetize the forum. Here’s the current codebase for the plugin for reference:

My goal is to eventually use this in conjunction with my license key manager to sell Discourse plugins in the future.

And here’s my week by week plan.

[] 15: Convert to using the Braintree drop-in UI
[] 16: Allow PayPal as standalone gateway
[] 17: Build in expiration warnings as PMs
[] 18: Build discounts functionality
[] 19: Build discounts functionality
[] 20: Build lists of orders for admins
[] 21: Clean up codebase
[] 22: Build out website for launch
[] 23: Launch Discourse League
[] 24: Bug fixes
[] 25: Add Stripe as a gateway
[] 26: Bug fixes
[] 27: Bug fixes

Seriously?! :scream: Let’s be a bit more realistic with your goals in the future.

Thanks for your concern, @theoreticalbot . But I think I got this one. :wink:

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